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An important part of moving long distances?

    1. long distance moving the most important step is packaging, packaging must reach the standards of long-distance transport, packaging, household goods are often not qualified to destinations beyond recognition, especially furniture, home appliances, fragile items must be professional, design and packaging.

    2. long-distance move home three days before the move, be aware, truthfully to the moving company to move goods quantity, size, dimensions, and the services they need, so that moving companies arrange, artificial, so as not to waste time, moving both sides benefit.

    3. advance contact moving company in Shijiazhuang, professional moving company moving programme in consultation for reference, determine the moving time, reservation one day in advance at the latest moving companies, so as to avoid haste and unnecessary trouble.

    4. clutter in one's power before you move up, move so as not to waste company time, increase their costs, valuables must be carried, so as not to forget lost, misunderstanding on both sides.

    5. moving long distances charges is based on the moving destination freight, short out costs, labor costs, packing, delivery up, overall, professional moving company charges transparent and reasonable, specific call rates, or door-to-door assess moving costs, final contract cost.

    6. how to prepare before moving?

    moved into a family event, who do not wish to rush, well prepared.

    Shijiazhuang moved company tips: first arrangements good time. a times moved general need 2m4 hours ranging. If distance far, and traffic, and or handling of items more, is may time more long. second to ahead of with moved company appointment vehicles, let its on time arrived, on time began moved. If items more, a car pulled not finished, good while appointment more car car, once will items pulled go, can save time. addition encountered rain, and snow, good select has canopy of car, So as not to will items lane wet. volume larger of box, and Cabinet in of items to prior out so as not to moved workers lift not moving; shoes, piecemeal items easy carton loaded up, so as not to lost; cash, and jewelry, precious of small items to carry carry; tableware, and tea, easy broken items to separate packaging, and separate handling, so as not to lane broken. as long as prior do full of prepared, you of moved must will very smooth of.

    7, how to choose a moving company?

    met a poor moving company can make you quite mad: motor does not come on time or the way fails, will miss a lot of the time, rough handling, may break some items meet sticky goods could fail to inexplicably find hh, in choosing a moving company, be sure to look out for.

    selected moving companies may refer to the following factors: If you or a relative, friend or colleague and was well received, you can select if a moving company visibility high, larger, optional; if the moving company you don't know, call on the issues you care about them, if satisfied, optional.