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After moving interior decoration should pay attention to what issues?

    moved to a new home because it was too "open", many people have choices chart on the wall, add 1 to their new home color.

    1, excessive color too deep about black picture not. of such paintings look heavy, wills low, discouraged work and lack of momentum.

    2, painted the picture of violent beasts should not purchase, health or family will be lowered.

    3, should not be hanging beyond 1 figure painting, because of family feelings repeatedly, physiological imbalance, easily pass God min.

    4, drew sunset setting in the West hold is based on results of these portraits was to reduce energy.

    5, is not suitable for hanging big portraits of deceased loved ones, because it will make you do going to multiply the pressure.

    6, not suitable for hanging waterfalls such as the painting, because these paintings his family luck again.

    7, do not hang up the Red portraits too much, because it will make families prone to injury or impetuous temperament.

    Feng Shui bedroom set

    moved field Hou, bedroom of placement, bed, and mirror, of placed status is quite emphasizes of. don't thought bedroom is sleep of at, eyes 1 closed on what also see not to has, but attention bedroom of placement. people of 1 Health three points 1 of time are in bedroom in the through, bedroom within Feng Shui, and arrangements, and environment directly effect to people of luck, and health, and miracle, and marriage and so on.

    factors important in Feng Shui the bedroom has two doors and bed position.

    1th element is "bed".

    indoor a lot of furniture, placed their status and material has a greater impact on home, such as sofas, cabinets, green and so on, this is the most intense in bed. the position choice of beds and 1 bedroom.

    position of the bed there are several appropriate environment:

    1. bed should not bar top-available to deal with this type of environment to avoid or block measures, move your bed or under the beams and ceiling.

    2. the bed should not be straight-head straight to the door to door inside the bed into which affects on the human body, move to resolve this environment may be adopted or reverse the past way to sleep.

    3.-single bed should not be too close to the window from an environmental health perspective, borrowing if the bed near the window, a lot of glare in case of good direct sunlight; wind will be from the Windows in the rain penetration, urban bed and even healthy.

    the second "door"

    before the move, new home bedroom door placed emphasis on ... way to not only the bedroom door of payments, and continues on into the channel, so some taboo and must be grasped on the bedroom door:

    1. door straight – this type of environment is should be prevented because of the vitality points is "spiraling straight bogey", so when the door at the gate into the environment can add screens, 1 porch steps to block, so apart from the small environmentally beneficial in the bedroom, and from the physiology of asylum confidentiality is also useful.

    2. mirror doors-in traditional Chinese accommodation in Physiology, mirror is used to reflect a result, apathy, is regardless of how the mirror must not be on the door itself.

    3. Idol some more traditional Portal-today at 1 for seeking peace in the family, placed or environment dedicated to 1 Idol is a lot of, but should be detailed the best not to make statues are on the door.

    4.-color beauty bedroom color choices is not only knowledge question 1 beauty, has touched people's lives news, hobbies and so on.

    bedroom environment color placement introduction:

    too beautiful or too dark color is not the best choice, the former will be high spirits, which is feeling low, which effects 1 rest, should not be adopted. as for the artistry of color matching links personal interests explained in detail.

    moving companies in business category:

    1. moving, moving plants, changing positions, Office moving, long short-distance transport of goods

    2. difficult heavy lifting, equipment shifting 16---500 ton crane rental, forklift, crane truck everything

    3. air conditioning plus, various kinds of furniture Assembly and disassembly disassembly disassembly and Assembly