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Move the first half months of preparation for what?

    relocation new homes is a items big engineering, not only necessary we in moved Qian do full of preparatory things, also necessary we in moved Qian understand response of moved common sense. Shijiazhuang moved company phone reminded you, dang you will moved Shi, please must Yu half months Qian on head preparatory by to conveying of items, prevent moved Qian blunder against, lost three pulled four of environment produced.

    you need to pack before you move:

    liquidation furniture thoroughly before moving Cabinet, sprayed with pesticide.

    dismantle air conditioners and water heaters, washing and defrosting the refrigerator;

    new home to be taken to the tools, materials and other early computer materials well in advance of the necessary backups in the backup.

    how to pack:

    (1) category: bowls, plates, cups, one by one, wrapped in newspaper, no package or multiple packages together, you probably will collide with each other by friction damage. in front of the into the vessel, should be bunched up into a paper newspaper, placed in the bottom of the box to serve as a buffer.

    (2) clothes categories: when you use cardboard boxes, not creased clothes as the criterion, size size larger than the clothes folded at the bottom as well. in chest drawer order packing slips, out of the box more convenient back pack.

    (3) bedding category: bedding, pillow grade a bedding folded large cloth bags or large plastic bag on the direct, tighten the sealing can be, no large bags, you can use old sheets packages.

    (4) one-time product: by large, heavy head into the upper part as far as possible light goods

    before moving, you need to fix procedures:

    dot de law down or transfer procedures; to property or query end costs of electricity, gas, water company, stop banks paying business; the post Office informed the House. will join papers, goldsmiths, passbooks, securities custody, if there is need to put it in the Bank.

    to new how to pack:

    new homes to eliminate cleaning, spraying insecticide and drain in the corner. check new toilet drain hole is smooth, ceilings and walls are leaking, does need repair place, connect cable TV signal lines.