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Moving some small details and tips

    packing supplies:

    boxes, plastic bags, tape, labels, or pen, small box: such as hammers, screwdrivers, etc, when removed.


    beginning packaging Qian, you can column a Zhang wants to when packaging what of grass table. lists "first took, Hou loaded" of fundamental by times, here lists has some you often using of and to reaches can and the of items, advocates you eventually package or package in box of most upper: If you wants to more clear of about relocation of various skills, please login we--Beijing Lee Kang relocation company website or call we of hotline consulting, we will provides to you most goes of service!

    1: tow line and battery: in this day and age, everything seems to have been concerned with. computer, CD player, Walkman. livelihoods cannot be separated from these gadgets, justify the extension line and new batteries at the top in order to access facilities.

    2.: the brightly lit hammer, screwdrivers, nails, screws, adhesive tape, tape in particular. the transfer process if the use, then opened boxes miserably.

    3. screwdriver and cups: people seem unique simply thirsty, tired of loading and unloading goods will want a drink.

    4. address book: conveniently available to ensure that those important contacts book.

    5. phone or outlet phone: put in simply take the local, because there are always emergencies they can.

    6. meet the cash: relocation of the time can be used.

    7. leases, copy of ID card or driving licence.

    8. sanitary appliances, especially tissue: accidents do sometimes happen.

    9. torch or a lamp: when you finally managed to a new home, perhaps it was once dark.

    10. utility knife: it was put inside a box and it is the first time you open the Bao Xiang needed something.

    11. pillows, bedding and towels: too late to get my stuff to the new House on the bed.

    12. drugs and cosmetics (SOAP, toilet paper, shampoo)

    13. emergency medicine

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