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Moved in advance goods well!

    moved can prior put goods classification Hou, not easy I of packaging package, progress moved rate, let moved planned for, moved items classification child: can according to inventory control of thrust and pleaded and the inventory funds amounts detailed must, respectively material category of way according to inventory material of type, and number, and price,: class material: type about accounted for total type number of 8% a 10%.

    total accumulation of funds accounted for stock funds class b substances: substances inventory inventory that accumulated a total number of 20% 30%; the accumulation of funds about libraries and the number of 10% a 25%. Category c substances: substances inventory accumulated total number of species of 60% a 70%; the accumulation of funds only 15% per cent of total inventory value as follows. As a percentage of category tags ' thousands of troops. Application of computers as caring thing, can be very inconvenience to compile statistics, and makes material ABC classification chart. Beijing moving company prices detailed material category measures the following: 1 regardless of each material the number of annual loss of use of funds, you can use the amount of material needed for the year multiplied by the unit price of material obtained. Moving company warned that sort from largest to smallest. 3 item-by-item additive material loss of use of funds and 2 substances are sorted by year consumption take up the size of the funding amount.

    the end of a cumulative total is the sum of material loss possession of funds throughout the year. On this basis, respectively, regardless of the percentage of accumulated amount in total loss possession of funds throughout the year. 4 again using the same way regardless of cumulative substance and the cumulative percentage of the total number of substances. 5 in accordance with the percentage loss of funds and type compare hundreds of tags, for classification of substances. 3, tense thrust ABC ABC analysis material handling method for material purposes have different handling, according to the ABC classification of substances, handling ability level between the economic benefits and the weighing results. 1. Class a materials handling pleaded 139 stocks are to be more caring, the moving company has a detailed record of income and expenditure, often to check stock status.