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Long-distance moving services

Long-distance moving services

    Shijiazhuang city, moving many users long distance moving goods consignment note, has plagued many moving users, so our long distance moving cargo shipment process needs to pay attention to what matters, long distance moving goods consignment note, makes us easy to get long distance move.

    for moving users long distance moving-check, long distance moving process, we should pay attention to what? Next, we look at, we how to do long distance transport, to discuss it.

    We use shipping vouchers contact pickup, both security and convenience for the consignee, the legitimate economic interests of the interests of the shipper, consignee, requires proof of shipment the consignee to receive the goods, and do the following:

    consignee should requirements in sent station fill in AWB Shi to right fill in consignee name, and address, and zip code, led goods voucher to and AWB consistent, cannot shorthand, and abbreviations, and errors wrote, prevent in station query difficult, caused consignee cannot timely received goods, produced not necessary of economic loss; goods in sent station carrier Hou, consignee should requirements checked people with both fast and security of mailing way general goods voucher sent to consignee, The consignee upon receipt of the shipping documents to this site link to receive the goods in a timely manner.