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    rail consignment knowledge of railway goods transport

    are divided into three types: vehicle transport, LTL transport, container transport.

    This also includes transportation, an entire column, package express, but now there is little scope of.

    railway transport of goods is in accordance with shippers of goods number, disposition, status and other characteristics make choices. Shijiazhuang long-distance moving at the time of signing the contract of carriage of goods, the shipper and the carrier according to the railway goods transportation procedures, delineation of the features of goods transport and, within our capabilities to determine the variety of transport.

    vehicle goods transport

    shipper's delivery to the railway shipment weight, bulk, or shapes to a and above goods vehicles transporting goods to as vehicle transport Railway (carrier) management check.

    refrigeration, insulation or heating required transport of goods;

    delineation of the limits according to the vehicle, had him hurt goods;

    easy to clean filthy product other goods (such as unpasteurised disposal or unused sealed leakproof packaging of his bone, wet fur and feces, carbon black, etc);

    not easy to care about the number of goods;


    do not have container activity (there must be some way to less-than-truckload transportation within the railway administrations);

    shipment components across 2T, the volume of goods across 9m across the 3m3 or length (confirmed by the sitting will not affect direct and take hold of loading products of the lessons).

    container transport

    container transport is one of the predecessors of the contemporary transport. it is one of three varieties of railway goods transport (vehicles, less-than-carload, container). because the key container transport goods smoothly process has generated a huge change, live community is known as the 20th century "transport revolution". container transport to transport produce to robotic, automation.

    container is a container of goods for transport, is an integrated transportation, according to the national scale of construction, goods transport containers that meet the following prerequisite, are known as the container:

    can lasting repeatedly using, has sufficient of strength; various transport method transport or halfway direct Shi, halfway not needed for flip; can for machine handling, and can from a transport situation than force convenience to directly dress up to addition a transport method (as from railway transport to highway or shipping, river); easy goods of handling lessons and full manipulation volume; external how many volume in a cubic metres above.

    classification of containers:

    1. container according to the example of (useful):

    general purpose containers

    general-purpose container generally used to contain a general part into a packaged goods. as electricity, instrument type, small machine classes, glass-ceramic building materials, arts and crafts classes, educational and sports articles, pharmaceuticals, alcohol, tobacco, food, daily necessities, chemical class category, textiles, hardware and other properly containerized goods.

    common containers

    container is used to contain a specific public goods. today the public containers soon, foreign public container important are the following:

    box container goods

    important to shipping cement, flour, grain, salt, plastic crafts, powdery particles of the fertilizer industry. this container can dump, also unloaded the atmosphere of austerity.

    tank container

    important for the transport of liquid goods, chemicals such as wine, milk, honey, syrups, etc. can also be used to transport crunch gas.

    reefer container

    important for the transport of perishable goods, such as meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruits, and so on. the temperature of the goods packed in boxes can be linked.

    livestock container

    This is for the shipment of livestock, poultry and other products. appointed the box feeding equipment and ventilation equipment.

    2. divided by the size of container

    large box: where more than 20T loading large boxes (20 foot box, 40 feet container).

    small box: loading capacity 5T is as follows for small boxes (as our current General 1T).

    medium box: the loading capacity between 5-20T to intermediate bulk containers (as our current General 5T box, 10 boxes).

    container according to the distribution points

   -blockade, open-top, live and with no top, two-door, folding, etc.