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    when the transportation distance is not very long, the General environment you choose a track integrity moving companies for you; but when the transportation distance is relatively far away, we'll launch you use shipping. above we will rail, air shipping on two common methods for you to discuss transport of long distance moving service environment.

    against railway checked pace can is divided into: to inspection at inspection, confirmed goods right transport delineation Hou, by inspection staff will cover was badge of checked single to checked people; precise fill in checked single, will name, and pieces number, and to sat, and shipping people, and consignee, material detailed fill in understand, in accordance with goods packaging scale to package at playing good packaging; holding has fill good of checked single to Division pounds at check pounds weighed, By the Division point of the goods and the proper number of red on a blue pencil to fill in the consignment note and cover people this happens; the consignment to the ticket window and pay the shipping to get reimbursement for delivery of green and red.

    against aviation checked detailed incident is for: checked people should fill in checked book, holding himself ID or remaining useful documents to airlines RBIs checked procedures, need Shi issued unit first capacity letter; checked people answer by fill goods checked book in the of the form and by supply material of authenticity and correctness is responsible for; transport premise differences or for goods patience cannot in together transport of goods, checked people should respectively fill in goods checked book.