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    ten days before the move: If your new House decoration, please confirm the date of substantial completion, your environmental air a week. in this period, you can notify the moving companies come to evaluate, determine the moving date. early preparations for a variety of packaging materials. (Note: our company has a swing space. If you are a old house renovation, you can contact us, for your unused items to be properly kept.

    moved field Qian seven days: measurement new homes the room size, measurement large home furniture electrical size, Shijiazhuang moved company phone plans new homes home furniture set equipment device figure (detailed don't let large home furniture cover live socket). then will all items classification Pack, disposal burned items (Note: I company and camp thrift buy business). launched you put acquired new home furniture date and moved field date staggered.

    moved field Qian five days: liquidation home furniture Cabinet, spray pesticides, prevent put methyl by with to new homes. will new homes completely excluded clean, in corner and drainage mouth spray pesticides. check new homes of toilet drainage hole whether smooth, ceiling and wall surface whether leaking, whether another has necessary fill repair of at. remember will home in the computer hard disk of tension data do backup, just in case. removal complex audio-visual equipment route Shi, best in route and Terminal Shang do number.

    three days before the move:

    (1) line connecting cable TV signal;

    (2) packed the law wind down or transfer procedures;

    (3) to the property or query end costs of electricity, gas, water company, stop banks paying business;

    (4) notify mail and milk company change location;

    (5) notify friends and relatives changes locations;

    (6) dismantle air conditioners and water heaters, washing and defrosting the refrigerator;

    (7) will join papers, goldsmiths, passbooks, securities custody, if necessary to the Bank safes.