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    in order to be able to supply customers double fine, close moving equipment safety-do, Shijiazhuang moving purposes to move school subjects and removal work will have a series of security steps to prevent security risks.

   , involving moving project staff in school subjects required through post training, understanding move requests, and get the full protection front but work.

    II, selected in line with the move and helped move. addressing component outline the large items, requests for fragile sheets, clean equipment and special moving equipment respectively different moving things and help things move.

    three, and in the process of moving gently against equipment or moving things between the collision, friction resulting in equipment damage, ensure complete equipment in the process of moving non-destructive.

    four, cranes, forklifts and other special equipment shall control qualifications permit staff to control, to ensure that security and moving equipment are available.

    v, dealing with the necessary transport equipment do need security protection during the transport process step, and vehicle speed control in the context allows, to ensure the safety and equipment are available.

   , in their account of equipment in the process, together with the factory owner to check equipment. If packaging damage, lost, such as the environment, photography, recorded in real-time, and immediately inform the relevant person in charge.