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    some Feng Shui tips when moving

    1。 Enter the premises empty-handed

    on moving day, when you first go, hands must be picked up some valuable things. Moving company, Shijiazhuang Tel holding buckets of rice, passbook, or (life), and red envelopes containing 138, this is the first time I went to a new master, not go empty-handed. The meaning of home, the future will be very full, more and more wealth.

    2。 Into a House not built construction

    does not move, you can try Cabinet houses, hammering, changes. Once on the move, does not have a built-in construction as much as possible. Things that can be moved. If you need to start, be sure to choose an auspicious day.

    3。 Pregnant women can not move back home

    must move on, you can ask pregnant women to return for quite some time, so the move into the new House. Pregnant women try not to get involved in the whole process of action.

    to select an auspicious date and time must be before noon

    select the appropriate day, good day, lunar new year's day should be moving house, also be careful, don't g orientation, family members of the Chinese new year. As long as the move in the morning, named Yang at noon and after noon is known as yin. Attempts to time Dr.

    5 new home fire temple "

    you move in, three days ago, families light lit for three days and three nights to you will enter into the third day, called the fire temple. Bright three days and three nights, the fire, on the one hand, the King family began to flourish.

    61 days mobile enjoyment.

    examination and treatment one day if this day is too busy after the election day of treatment. Or move to a new home, tend to be very good friends, or tea. Home more popular.

    7。 Actual moves,

    moved to attend, not just delegate others to move. Personal moving objects more clearly, it is not easy.

    8。 Day fire boiled dumplings and sweet tea

    on moving day as "kitchen" will fire, cold stove. Can cook some sweet things, like sweet dumplings or sweet tea, dessert Prayer Festival.