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    recent days kept on long distance moving company marketing sense, moving companies have a systematic approach to management:

    details can be looked at from 7:

    1. superstition handle. composition of Jinan moving company, movers, hiring, training, and monitoring mechanisms of the moving process can be subdivided.

    2. moving mission. mission objectives to deal with each moving part is divided, generally speaking we are in accordance with the respectively moved teams, so can do almost mission, mission not only of ants moving company in Jinan is the amount of the expenditure of money, also include customer satisfaction, brand-building mission.

    3. performance management, from moving the staff employed, moved the mission performance in all aspects of performance, such as handling, respectively.

    4. superstitious ways, setting marketing strategy, moving service brand strategy with superstitions and statistics method and processing method.

    5. briefly, all moving company employees move up as much as possible, to intervene in the company's growth, cut unnecessary waste, simplify the process of staff cuts waste of time.

    6. diversification. the jurisdiction of the diversification strategy throughout the company, "the status quo".

    7. standardization. move-do scale, moving vehicle integration and integration of slogans, move free integration. making the company look from the inside out