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    refrigerator skew angle should is less than 45 degrees, to avoid austerity machine hanging spring left. While preparedness austerity machine within frozen oil from back tracheal midstream into low voltage room, dang again open up austerity mechanism cold Shi, frozen oil was inhalation cylinder within, not only makes austerity machine of load short-term within growth, also will makes frozen oil with refrigeration agent into condensation device, Shijiazhuang long-distance moved again through process boring filter device into capillary Shi, infarction pipeline constitute oil blocking.

    equipment and device arrangement and detailed incident: acetylene cylinders oxygen cylinders separated the best arrangements for refrigerant cylinders shall be placed; compressor is reset, each nozzle plugging good to avoid dirt entering; dry filters in preventing the brilliant close packing.

    refrigerator and detailed work!

   , do not put hot food running a refrigerator.

    II, hosting food should not be too full, too tight, should have space to facilitate cold air flow, increasing the load of refrigeration system, delaying life stream power.

    third, the food is not cooked to mix together, to link health. at the request of storage time and temperature of food, reasonable space in the control box, do not put food directly onto the evaporator on the situation, to put it in jars to prevent defrosting the evaporator, out of inconvenience.

    four, fresh fish and meat in plastic bags, in the freezer for storage. vegetables, fruits and profile moisture to dry out, put in the freezer, with 0m10 degrees Celsius storage as well.

    five, not bottled liquids into the freezer to avoid Frost crack bottle. should be placed on the shelf or in the refrigerator door.

    six-, storage food refrigerators should not be at the same time contain chemicals.

    Qi, Chinese herbal medicine in the refrigerator, must be hard sealed. bare in the refrigerator if Chinese herbal medicines, other food water medicine lessons and crush resistance.

    eight, the refrigerator should be clean once a week.

    scraping, do not use a sharp object outside of frost, should close the fridge door looking forward to frost melts and then wipe clean with a clean cloth and refrigerators, ensure that the refrigerator dry and moisture-free.