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    van than, exactly how to buy van?

    goods on the transport level can be divided into transport and vertical loading, Shijiazhuang pingzhang loose bodywork, van moving company phone use flexibility, convenience, environmental protection has become a satisfactory level of material handling essential things. generally speaking, the van can be divided into manual pallet truck, semi electric pallet trucks and electric pallet trucks.

    hand pallet truck

    manual handling car in accordance with its surface set equipment device differences, can is divided into manual hydraulic handling car, and rise rose cut type handling car and electronic scales handling car,. manual handling car has larger of hosted skills, is for short distance handling weights of things one of, is by skills drive hydraulic system to completed goods of up rose and reduced, and by human pull achieved handling lessons.

    semi electric pallet truck

    van, also called pallet trucks. semi-electric pallet truck is driven by electric power system to complete lifting of goods, low adoption of active principles, implemented by a human to help handling lessons.

    electric pallet truck

    electric pallet truck pick-up of goods to reduce principle half electric pallet truck with similar differences is that full electric pallet truck all courses are adopting power control system, do not manually operated, is more time and effort of a moving thing.

    van used in logistics, stack, market, shops, schools, airports, and so on. NOKO van from the handle off, research proper ergonomic handles, satisfied with 1-5 tonnes containing tensions, and fork project linking Europe pallet scales, adoption of polyurethane, monks long, rubber casters satisfaction various types of environmental handling requests more fork beetle-type plan, cuts handling handling of goods in the process of wear and tear.